Welcome to the Download page of Murka Terroristka :)

Mappack 11 http://www.murka-terroristka.de/mappack-murka11.zip created for the UWC3-Server (~ 10MB)

Maps: aim_map_usp, cs_rats2_final, de_dustvsaztec, de_karachi01, dedm_dust fy_iceworld

Mappack 12 http://www.murka-terroristka.de/mappack-murka12.zip(~ 3MB)

Maps: cs_tramball, de_rats, de_westwood, fy_buzzkill, he_tennis, scoutzknivez

For ALL Murka-Mappacks, see "Map-Packs" on the sidebar

Mappack Valve 1 http://www.murka-terroristka.de/mappack-murka-valve1.zip was running at the Valve Half-Life Server (~ 1.8MB)

Maps: x-fire, tig_bunk, room_of_doom, maz, mariokart, killbox

Mappack Valve 2 http://www.murka-terroristka.de/mappack-murka-valve2.zip is now running at the Valve Half-Life Server (~ 11MB)

Maps: boot_camp, bounce, crossfire, doublecross, frenzy, havoc, isotonic, lambda_bunker, outcry, rigor, semonz, snark_pit, stalkx, subtransit, undertow

Mappack Valve 3 http://www.murka-terroristka.de/mappack-murka-valve3.zip is now running on top of Mappack Valve 3 at the Valve Half-Life Server (~ 5MB)

Bew versions of the following maps: crossfire, bounce, frenzy, rapidcore, snark_pit, subtransit, boot_camp, undertow, lambda_bunker

Condition Zero map: http://www.murka-terroristka.de/dusts_cz.zip (~ 20MB)

[Murka] Aim-Map aim_murka5: http://www.murka-terroristka.de/aim_murka5.zip

de_motel_x: http://www.murka-terroristka.de/de_motel_x.zip (~ 7MB)

de_aztec_old and cs_office_old: http://www.murka-terroristka.de/old_maps.zip (~ 1.4MB)

ESP Script-Pack http://www.murka-terroristka.de/ESP_V2.5.exe

ESP Homepage: http://www.ci-clan.de/esp

Latest HLSW without required login: http://www.murka-terroristka.de/hlsw_1_1_6_setup.exe